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Barbados Scuba Diving and snorkelling Information

Barbados is ideal for year-round diving but is probably best in the summer months. The visibility ranges from 40 to 70ft and the water temperature is a consistent 80 degrees F.
The barrier reefs, located 1/2 - 2 miles from shore contain large coral heads which form the habitat for thousands of beautiful fish. Larger organisms are also found on these reefs, feeding on the smaller fish. The Hawksbill turtle can also be found on these reefs. Fringes and patching reefs are found closer to shore and have smaller coral formations and more abundant plant life then the barrier reefs. These reefs are home to Sea Horses, Frog Fish,  & many other marine creatures.


The fringes and reefs found off Barbados blossom with healthy sponges, coral and plant life. There are several types of reefs, each one unique in its own special way. Wrecks form fascinating habitats for marine life and Barbados has several excellent sites for wreck diving. Carlisle Bay, with 200 reported wrecks, and the Stavronikita, located at Folkestone Marine Park, are two of the most popular sites.
There are several dive operators who will provide equipment, advice and guided tours to ensure that your diving experience is extremely enjoyable!

Blue Reef Watersports
Bubble Adventure
Bubbles Galore Dive Shop
Carib Ocean Divers
Caribbean Divers
Coral Isle Divers Inc
Dive Boat Safari
Dive Shop Ltd
Exploresub Barbados
Hazell's Water World
Hightide Watersports
Ocean Adventures
One on One Scuba
Reefers and Wreckers
Scotch and Soda
Underwater Barbados
West Side Scuba Centre

Barbados Wrecks

SS Stavronikita
A 365ft Greek freighter that was deliberately sunk to form an artificial reef, this wreck is now home to numerous fish and corals. The Stavronikita lies in 120ft of water with the stern at 100ft and the bow at 70ft.

Friars Crag
A 100ft Dutch freighter that was sunk in 1984 and lying in 55ft of water. A magnificent reef is located nearby ... enjoy wreck and reef diving in one incredible experience!

Carlisle Bay
This historic bay is the site of numerous wrecks and is therefore an ideal dive location. There are four wrecks which are of particular interest - the Berwyn, Eilon, C-Trek and Fox. At this incredible dive site divers can look for tropical fish, eels, frog fish, seahorses and more! This dive is ideally suited for beginners.

This wreck, located to the north of the island is 165ft long and 60 ft deep and offers a relaxing dive - perfect for beginners!

Barbados Reefs

Bell Buoy
Dome-shaped reef varying from 20 - 60ft, it is popular for its brown coral forests, sloping corals and schools of fish. The diver will observe several coral environments, making Bell Buoy an educational and exhilarating experience.

Shark Bank
Coral reef reaching depths of 135-145ft. Divers will particularly enjoy seeing sea turtles and parrotfish. Don't let the name worry you!!

Maycocks Bay
Unique site with several large coral reefs divided by stretches of white sand! Rays and barracudas frequent these waters.

Popular reef which is home to corals, turtles, barracuda and thousands of tropical fish!

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