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International Travel to, from, and getting around Barbados

Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) is located on the south coast of Barbados, in Christ Church Parish.

Approx time from major cities

London, UK - 7 hrs
New York - 4 hrs
Los Angeles - 9 hrs
San Juan - 1.5 hrs
Miami - 3.5 hrs
Toronto - 4 hrs

Barbados is served by British West Indian Airlines (BWIA), British Airways (BA), American Airlines (AA) Air Canada (AC), Canadian Airlines and Air Jamaica (AJ).


As major hub for airlines serving the Eastern Caribbean, more than 20 international flights arrive at Barbados airport every day. A large, modern facility, the airport is just 15 minutes from south coast hotels, 30 minutes from Bridgetown, and 45 minutes from the west coast. Airport porters charge Bds$1 per bag for transporting luggage to the street outside of the customs terminal. Facilities in the airport include a bank, bar, duty free shops and restaurant.


Duty Free: There is an incoming duty free shop that is open for most international flights. The outgoing duty-free shops offer jewellery, perfumes, china, crystal, cameras, shoes and clothing.

Airport Bus Service: There is a regular bus service, costing Bds$1.50, to the city (travel time - 45 minutes) which departs every 10 minutes and a 24-hour taxi service (travel time - 30 minutes).

Departure Tax: Bds$25 for all departures. Passengers in transit who will be remaining in Barbados for less than 24 hours and children under 12 are exempt.

SEA: Barbados, has an international deep water harbour at Bridgetown, and is a port of call for a number of British, European and American cruise lines.

Barbados Travel and Island Hopping

AIR: LIAT, BWIA run inter-Caribbean flights to most of the neighbouring islands. Tropicair and Aero Services also have chartering facilities. There are also a number of service companies on the island that will organise yacht trips and other short term excursions from Barbados.

ROAD: Barbados has a good network of roads which covers the entire island. Traffic drives on the left. There is a speed limit of 60kmph (37mph per hour). The road journey from Bridgetown to Speightstown takes about 30 minutes and to Holetown or Oistins about 20 minutes.

Maxwell coast road bus stop   ZR vans are a fun way to travel   But nothing beats this freedom

Barbados Public Transport

BUS: Frequent, comprehensive coverage of the island, flat rate of approx. Bds$1.50 for all journeys. Although cheap, buses are crowded during the rush hours. All buses terminate at Speightstown.
If you do not wish to hire a car during your vacation, the public transport system is excellent with a flat rate fare of
Bds$1.50 taking you as far as you wish to go. You can choose between either the larger Transport Board buses (blue) smaller privately owned buses (yellow) or ZR vans. Although the atmosphere on the yellow buses is very laid back (usually blasting out reggae or local radio station) and you can find one every five minutes or so, the drivers are not as strictly regulated as you would expect in the UK or other European countries (or many other places in the world).

ZR Vans: There are many licensed "Mini Vans" that run around the island picking up tourist and locals. You will recognise them by their "ZR" license plate. They have few fixed schedules but there are many of them and service is frequent. The rate is Bds$1.50 and is not recommended for the nervous passenger as ZR stop frequently, often abruptly, and move quickly to pick up the maximum paying passengers in the shortest time.


Driving is often fast and hazardous. If you feel unsafe then get off and find another - or wait for a blue bus.
Bus stops are usually marked In to City or Out of City (meaning Bridgetown). In Bridgetown the main transport board terminals are on Fairchild Street or Lower Green and Princess Alice Highway for Coastal Routes. For additional information please telephone the
Barbados Transport Board on (246) 436 6820. The ZR vans offer cheap speedy transport around Barbados, but time is money and this form of transport is not for the faint hearted. As many people as possible are crammed in - a good way to meet the Island proper!

Taxi: Taxis do not have meters but fares are regulated by the Government. Listings are available from the Tourist Office. Please ask the price before travelling. The list below gives you a reasonable guide:

Between Grantley Adams
International Airport and:
Any point North of Speightstown $55.00
Speightstown $48.00
Belleplaine $42.00
Bathsheba/Cattlewash $48.00
Gibbs $42.00
Holetown/Porters $38.00
Prospect/Cave Hill $34.00
St. John's Parish Church $30.00
Harrison's Cave $34.00
St. George's Parish Church $25.00
East Point $26.00
Bridgetown Harbour $30.00
Trafalgar Square $28.00
Garrison $24.00
Crane $20.00
Sam Lord's Castle/Pollards $22.00
Between Bridgetown
Harbour/City Centre and:
Any point North of Speightstown $40.00
East Point $40.00
Bathsheba/Cattlewash $38.00
Crane $34.00
Sam Lord's Castle/Pollards $36.00
St. George's Parish Church $16.00
St. John's Parish Church $36.00
St. Albans $25.00
Sandy Lane/Holetown/Porters $22.00
Callenders $24.00
Oistin $20.00
Long Beach/Silver Sands $24.00
Speightstown/Heywoods $30.00
Grantley Adams International Airport $30.00
Welchman Hall Gully/Harrison's Cave $30.00
Prospect/Holders/Paynes Bay $16.00
St. Lawrence/Dover $18.00
Rendezvous $16.00
Hilton/Grand Barbados/Garrison $12.00
Paradise $12.00
Between Bridgetown Harbour and:
City Centre $ 6.00
Deacons Road $ 6.00
Between Sandy Lane and:
Harrison's Cave $27.00
Sam Lord's Castle $55.00
St. John's Parish Church $40.00
Rockley $30.00
Oistin $35.00
Bathsheba $45.00
Between Glitter Bay and:
Bathsheba $45.00
Harrison's Cave $27.00
Sam Lord's Castle $55.00
St. John's Parish Church $40.00
Rockley $35.00
Oistin $37.00
Between Heywoods and:
Harrison's Cave $40.00
Bathsheba $35.00
Rockley $40.00
Oistin $42.00
Sam Lord's Castle $60.00
St. John's Parish Church $60.00
Between Paradise and:
Harrison's Cave $35.00
Bathsheba $45.00
St. John's Parish Church $30.00
Rockley $20.00
Oistin $25.00

Rate per mile or kilometre
1. The rate to be charged for hire
(a) per mile or part thereof shall not exceed $ 2.50
(b) per kilometre or part thereof shall not exceed $ 1.50

Rate per hour
The rate to be charged is a flat rate of $32.00 per hour.

Rate for Waiting Time
1. The rate per hour to be charged for waiting time shall not exceed
(a) between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. $ 7.00
(b) between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. $ 8.00

Barbados Car and Scooter Hire

Car Hire: Anything from a mini-moke to a limousine may be hired. Cars may be hired by the hour, day or week. Car hire, as with anywhere, is fairly expensive. check whether the rate quoted is in US or Bajan dollars. (A Barbados dollar is worth half a US dollar) You'll need a current driving licence and a credit card to make a security deposit.

You will need to pay BD$10 to apply for a Barbados driving licence which is valid for one year. (Save it for the next time you visit us!) Ask for children's seats to be fitted in your hire car if required, or bring your own. Driving in Barbados is on the left.

Documentation: A Barbados driving permit is required. This can be obtained from car hire companies, the Ministry of Transport (0830-1430 Monday to Friday), the airport (0800-2200 every day) or police stations in Hastings, Worthing and Holetown. There is a registration fee of Bds$10. A valid national licence or an International Driving Permit should also be held.

Caribbean Scooters
Tel (246) 436 8522 Fax (246) 436 0600

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Barbados road map   Detailed Island map    Detailed road map

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