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Exploring around the natural wonders of Barbados

Andromeda Gardens
Nestled on a cliff overlooking the east coast, Andromeda Botanic Gardens is today run by the Barbados National Trust. Spread over six acres of carefully landscaped grounds that are lavishly coloured with blooms, orchids, exotics and shrubs, this garden represents what is arguably one of the finest collections in the region.

Andromeda was developed in 1954 by the late horticulturist Iris Bannochie for her weekend retreat. It soon mushroomed into a full fledged garden and eventually she opened it to the public. As she expanded the gardens and acquired more exotic plants and blooms from around the world, Andromeda became a major visitor attraction. 

When she died in 1988 Iris Bannochie left the property to the people of Barbados, to be managed by the National Trust. The property’s windows to the coast, along with its undulating landscape make for a marvellous backdrop to the splashes of colours and varied displays of the gardens. The grounds are tastefully accented with ponds, streams, shady nooks and rocky ledges. The orchid collection is wonderfully vast and because of the tremendous variety, there is almost always something in bloom.   There is a gift shop and café just by the entrance. 
They also host weddings and other functions.  Andromeda - "a riot of colour yet a haven of peace"


The Barbados Zoo
The preservation of a small Country's heritage is important, especially if this can be combined with imaginative modern usage of facilities whose original function is now obsolete. Oughterson House, St. Phillip, is a Barbadian Great House of both architectural and historic interest. 

Most of the birds and animals are from South America including Tapirs, Squirrel Monkeys, two species of Capuchin Monkey, Marmosets, Armadillos and Agoutis.

We have five different species of Macaw and various species of South American Caiman (alligators) and four different species of Boa Constrictor Snakes.

Visitors can walk round the ground floor of the Great House with its antique furniture and stroll through the nature trail around the orchard with its great variety of tropical fruit trees. 

We also have Zebra, Grey Parrots, Barbados Green Monkeys and much more. 

A working sugar cane factory until recently, the former outbuildings and paddocks have been adapted to house a specialised collection of birds, reptiles and mammals; the tanks in the remains of the old syrup factory are used for breeding tropical fish. 

The Atlantis Submarine - leaves from Bridgetown, and is a one hour voyage to depths of 150 feet.  View beautiful coral gardens and superb tropical fish, from the comfort of a 46 seat submarine.  Day and night dives are available.
The submersible vessel dives 150 feet deep, exploring the wrecks and reefs of the Caribbean. Atlantis offers day and night dives, which last approximately 90 minutes, allowing passengers to view spectacular tropical fish, turtles and marine vegetation. The 65-foot SEATREC (Sea Tracking and Reef Exploration Craft) allows passengers to view near-shore reefs off the coast of Barbados. The Atlantis Odyssey is one of three exciting adventure dive tours offered by Atlantis Submarines. Other tours include the Atlantis Expedition and the Atlantis By Night.


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